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Phonics Scheme

At St Mary's we use the DfE validated Twinkl phonics scheme. Scroll to the bottom of this page and you will find more information on the Twinkl scheme, how to help your child with phonics and information on the Phonic Screen that your child will complete at the end of Year 1.

Here are some videos to help you to support your child with their sounds.

Level 2 sounds

Level 3 sounds

Phase 4 Tricky words

Phase 5 sounds mats

Phonics websites

Information for parents

What is a phoneme? It is the smallest unit of sound and a piece of terminology that children like to use and should be taught.  At first it will equate with a letter sound but later on will include the digraphs.

What is a digraph? This is when two or more letters come together to make a phoneme. /oa/ makes the sound in boat.

What is blending? Blending is the process that is involved in bringing the sounds together to make a word or a syllable and is how /c/ /a/ /t / becomes cat.


Click on the link above to find out more about Twinkl phonics.

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Click on the link above to find out about the Phonic screen.