The LiveSimply award is an opportunity for St. Mary's School and the wider community to respond to Pope Francis’ invitation in Laudato Si' to “work with generosity and tenderness in protecting this world which God has entrusted to us”. 

To achieve The LiveSimply award we need to show how we have been living:

The award celebrates what we already do and will inspire us to do more. It will help our community to live, not just more simply, but also more fully.

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We made posters to remind us to bring food in.

We collected lots of food. Half went to our Church food bank and half went to Ablewell Food bank.

Our school Liturgy group went to Ablewell Food bank to help sort the food. They came back and shared their experience.

Deacon Helen Webster came to visit our school and tell us about the work they do at Ablewell Food Bank.

Our posters to encourage people to bring in food for World Food Day October 2022 and 2023

Y4 lunch.pdf
Y5 lunch.pdf

CHRISTMAS 2022/ 2023

Our school participated in the Parish Christmas Bazaar and sang carols entertaining the parish and visitors to our church.

Christmas 2022

Instead of sending Christmas cards to each child in their class, our children decided to Live Simply and they made one to display in their class.

Christmas 2022

Instead of buying Christmas gifts, Francesca in Y6 decided to donate the money to help a vulnerable child.


Inspired by Laudato Si’ we thought about how we could refuse, reuse, reduce, repurpose, recycle. Together with our local community, we collected plastic bottle tops and created a display in the garden.

Pupils grew their own vegetables and shared these with the community

Year 5's gift choice

Year 2 's gift choice

Nursery's gift choice

Reception chose their CAFOD gift

Year 3 chose their CAFOD gifts.

Year 4's choice of gift

Year 6's choice of gift.

Year 1's choice of gift.


Our school and wider community participated in the BIG LENT WALK.

We had a focus day and encouraged everyone to meet and walk and take notice of the world around us. We found things around us for each colour of the rainbow.

WE RAISED £253.12!

The big lent walk.pdf


Our school and wider community made Livesimply pledges. We pledged what we are going to do to make our world a better place.

Have a look at some of our pledges. Feel free to add one for your family. Click this link.

We raised money for Mary's meals.

We had an assembly to teach us about the work of Father Hudson

We raised money for Cafod 

Each class decided on their own Lenten fundraiser. 

Nursery: Group paint

Reception: Easter egg hunt

Year 1: Bean bag throw

Year 2: Filling a jar with small change

Year 3: Sponsored star jumps

Year 4: Sponsored bounce

Year 5: Sponsored read

Year 6 : Sponsored goal score