At St. Mary's we aim to inspire all children to reach their full academic potential. In mathematics, this means ensuring a curriculum that is fully inclusive for all children and which:

As a result of their learning in mathematics and problem solving across the curriculum children will:

How We Teach Mathematics 

All of our children are following the National Curriculum for mathematics using the WhiteRose Education Mathematics programme. Children master each concept by developing a deep understanding through reasoning and problem solving before moving onto new learning. Concepts are revisited and applied daily through the use of White Rose’s Flashback 4 activities to embed the learning, build fluency and to make connections between learning. Throughout their learning journey, new language and sentence stems are explicitly modelled, repeated and explored with the children. They encouraged to use the language of mathematics so they become fluent in its use.


Every new concept introduced with children experiencing and handling physical objects. Children will complete concepts using concrete mathematical objects such as dienes and counters. This enables the children to build upon their prior knowledge, expose connections and begin to grasp the skill.


This is children visualise the concept. Children will see the maths using representations. The children build a mental connection between the concrete and pictorial representations, which enables them to visualise problems. At this stage, children will draw the diagrams when looking for solutions.


At this stage, problems are solved in a more efficient and abstract manner, using symbols. The children build mental connections between the concrete, pictorial and abstract. They often use mental methods, formal written methods and working out when looking for solutions. (See separate maths policy - below).

There are opportunities for calculations in each lesson where children practise and consolidate age-appropriate calculations. (See separate Calculations Policy - below).

You can find useful information on how to support your child with their maths work by clicking the link below:

Maths Week 2023 13th- 18th November 2023

3 is a magic number!

Our children loved exploring the number 3 in maths week this year.

Maths Week 2024- 11th – 15th November

More information to follow.

Number Day- 2nd February 2024

We are proud to be taking part in the NSPCC’s Number Day at St Mary’s. We will be showing our support by taking part in activities, games and dressing up in digits in a special MUFTI day raising money to support the NSPCC’s services such as Speak out Stay safe and Childline.

More information will be available on our weekly newsletter.