Sports Premium

Use of Sport Premium

At St. Mary’s School we place ourselves under the care of Our Lady to lead us to a greater love of God and of one another.

Since the academic year 2013/4 the government has been providing additional funding for primary schools in order to develop a ‘sporting legacy’ in the wake of the 2012 Olympics. This funding has been made available to Head Teachers of primary schools, who need to account for the allocation of the funding and to evaluate the benefit to pupils. The level of funding provided to schools is based on pupil numbers recorded in the annual school census in January 2013. A typical primary school is expected to receive funding of £9,000.

At St. Mary’s the Mount we pride ourselves in the opportunities that children are given to participate in a wide range of physical activities, not only as part of the children’s curriculum lessons, but also by use of lunchtime and after school clubs and the provision of competitive intra and inter school events. The release of additional government funding allows the school to continue to provide excellent opportunities for our children and to further enhance them.

Having been able to use the funding over the past year we are now able to provide feedback and evaluate the effectiveness of the funding for the areas that it has been used.

The Sport Premium has been used by St. Mary’s the Mount for:

  • Specialist gymnastics sports coach to work with Years 1 through to Year 6; working alongside staff and with the children to model and demonstrate good practice in teaching and learning.

  • Specialist sports coach to deliver a gymnastics club before school for Y5 & Y6.

  • Additional P.E resources to ensure full delivery of the PE curriculum to include multi skills and boxing equipment.

  • Specialist sports coach to deliver an extra-curricular club in Tag Rugby and deliver specialised curriculum teaching.

  • Financial support for the school to allow staff to be released to attend CPD training for the benefit of the children and as part of teachers’ professional development identified in their Performance Management Reviews.

  • Financial support to subsidise extra-curricular clubs to allow free access for all children.

  • To organise/participate in events for children to compete against other schools as a level 2 inter school activity.

Detailed activity is outlined in the review.

Although this list is extensive, it may be amended by the Head Teacher throughout the year in discussion with the PE subject leader and other members of staff, where alterations are deemed to be in the best interest of the children or to provide additional opportunities for them.

As a result of the review of the use of the Sports Premium funding the Head Teacher, in consultation with the PE Subject Co-ordinator at St. Mary’s, has agreed that the money should be invested to provide the best possible opportunities for development within the school by:

  • Continuing to use a specialist gymnastics sports coach for KS1 and KS2; working alongside staff and with the children to model and demonstrate good practice in teaching and learning.

  • Continuing to use a specialist gymnastics sports coach to deliver a gymnastics club before school for Years 5-6.

  • Continuing to offer a financial subsidy for sports clubs so that no child is prevented from being able to participate. All clubs are free.

  • Continuing to give financial support allowing school staff to be released to attend PE training will continue to be available however will be covered internally where possible.

  • Continuing to provide a Specialist Sports Coach to deliver specialised curriculum teaching.

  • Continuing to organise/participate in events, children will continue to be given the opportunity to take part in a range of extra-curricular activities (inter-school games and tournaments).

  • Continuing to replace or fund the provision of PE equipment across the school. Equipment will continue to be acquired using alternative funds where possible (football strips through sponsorship or competitions; free offers to promote events with equipment provided etc.).

John Atkins

P.E. Co-ordinator