We are proud to be part of the Parish of St. Mary's the Mount linked very closely to the Vocationist Fathers. Their founder is Saint Justin M. Russolillo, S.D.V.

Saint Justin Russolillo was born on January 18, 1891 and baptized in Pianura(Naples) on the next day. After completing Grammar School in his home town, he entered the Seminary of Pozzuoli.

On September 20, 1913, Justin was ordained a Priest. While kneeling before the Bishop for the ordination, he vowed to the Lord to found a religious Congregation to cultivate vocations to faith, priesthood and holiness.

As a priest, he intensified the work that he had already begun as a Seminary student. When he was appointed Pastor of Pianura on September 20, 1920, he soon started working for the realization of his mission.

On October 18 of the same year, the first community of Vocationist Fathers came into being at the Rectory of St. George's Parish. One year later the Vocationist Sisters Community was formed with the same aims and goals of the Fathers.

The Vocationist Fathers and Sisters rapidly spread throughout Italy, France, Brazil, Argentina and U.S.A. and lately, they reached Nigeria, India, Philippines, Madagascar, Columbia and Ecuador.

Wherever they went, their main goal was the search and cultivation of vocations, especially among the poor and the underprivileged. The Blessed Trinity, the Holy Family and the Mother Church were the source and center of his spirituality and of his multiple ministries.

The two religious congregations of the Vocationist Fathers and Sisters became congregation of Pontifical Right respectively on January 3, 1948 and on May 24, 1947. Saint Justin completed his earthly mission on August 2, 1955, comforted by the Sacraments of the Church. Said petition was readily granted on April 3, 1978, and on December 18, 1997 Pope John Paul the Second officially declared that Fr. Justin had practiced the Christian Virtues in a heroic manner and therefore he was being raised to the dignity of VENERABLE, and now on May 7th, 2011 Saint Justin was raised again to the honor of BLESSED by His Holiness Benedict XVI and was recognised as a saint in May 2022

Vocation Work in School

Mrs Amos led a presentation about The Deanery Vocations Group at the St. Mary's the Mount Vocation Evening in 2017 and has helped to arrange the 2018 Vocation Evening in the parish.

We support the work of the Diocesan Vocations Office in Birmingham.

This is the link to the vocations Office: http://www.vocations.org.uk/.

Vocations Work in Walsall Schools

Annual Vocations Mass - This is led by a different Deanery Primary School each year in October. A priest is invited to bear witness to their Vocation.

A visit to the Carmelite monastery at Wolverhampton is organised by Mrs Amos for Year 6 girls in the Walsall Deanery.

An Annual Vocation Day Visit to Alton Castle is organised for the Deanery schools and led by St. Mary's the Mount School

Each Year a Lenten Service is led by a Walsall Deanery school, again with a focus on Vocations.

St. Mary's always attends the Oscott College Days each year.


Vocations Mass booklet


Stations of the Cross for Vocations