Year 6 Class Page

Year 6

Hello and welcome to Year 6.

Year 6 is a packed year, which is also great fun.  There is a lot of work, culminating in the little quizzes in May (also known as SATs) but with many opportunities for each child to shine along the way.  Our aim, in Year 6, is to ensure that every child reaches his or her potential and has the necessary skills and confidence to make the transition to secondary school a good one.




·       Class teacher – Mr Atkins.

·       Learning assistant – Mrs Kirk

·       Learning assistant – Mrs Linford.


Class Routine

· Registration takes place promptly at 8:40 am, where the children will be greeted with a smile and a maths challenge.  The remainder of the math lesson, comprising arithmetic, reasoning and problem solving, takes place up until break.

· English, consisting of writing, reading, punctuation, grammar and spelling, continues until dinner time.

· The afternoon sessions are used to teach the remaining subjects: RE, science, history, geography, PE, art, DT, music and computing.

· A small amount of homework to help children consolidate their learning is given most nights.


Our School Rules:

At St. Mary’s, in everything we say and do we follow the teaching of Jesus.

1. We always listen carefully so that we can learn and be safe.

2. We work hard and persevere to achieve our best.

3. We take responsibility for our actions.

4. We show good manners by being kind and treating others as we would like to be treated.

5. We value and care for our school and all the things in it.

6. When lining up and walking round school, we always walk quietly.


Homework Timetable

Homework Day Homework sent out Day Homework to be returned
SPaG Monday – Monday 
Maths – Monday - Monday
Reading Comprehension Monday-Monday

Reading books to be read to parent every day.


It is essential that children read every day, ideally to a parent so that the children can clarify any vocabulary they are unsure about and also so that they can discuss and pick apart what was read.


Our Class Saint

Our class saint is Saint Oscar Romero.

Romero was a special man, who stood up for poor communities.  In El Salvador there was much inequality - a few families were very rich and owned lots of land but most people were poor and earned very little.  People became angry at this unfairness.  Many people, like Romero, spoke out against what was happening.  But the rich were powerful – if people complained they were put in prison or even killed.

Even so, Romero stood alongside his people and continued to speak out against injustice.  On 24 March 1980, Romero was killed while saying Mass.

Romero is remembered for his courage, his faith and, above all, his great love for the poor.  Romero still inspires people today, and CAFOD continues to support partners in El Salvador, working to overcome poverty and injustice.

Romero is a recent saint, in that he was only canonised by Pope Francis on October 14th, 2018.

Class Events


The sacrament of Confirmation is offered during either the Spring or Summer term and the whole class enjoys a special retreat to prepare for this.


In the summer term, the children visit Woodlands.  During their visit, the children can be involved in climbing, outdoor adventure, assault course, canoeing, zip wire, high hopes, survival and archery. 

Useful Websites



· BBC Bitesize can be accessed from here.

· Year 6 Mathematics revision quizzes can be accessed here.


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Year 6 Prayers

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