Class Pages

Class Pages

School Rules

At St. Mary’s, in everything we say and do we follow the teaching of Jesus.

1. We always listen carefully so that we can learn and be safe.

2. We work hard and persevere to achieve our best.

3. We take responsibility for our actions.

4. We show good manners by being kind and treating others as we would like to be treated.

5. We value and care for our school and all the things in it.

6. When lining up and walking round school, we always walk quietly .

Year 2 Autumn Parent Planner.pdf
Year 2 Art KO Van Gogh.pdf
Y2 DT KO Vehicles.pdf
Year 2 Science KO Animals including Humans.pdf
Yr 2 Science KO Living Things and their Habitats.pdf
Year 2 History KO Castles.pdf
Year 2 Geography KO Continents and Oceans.pdf