Welcome to

St Mary's the Mount 

Catholic Primary School


We aim to live, love and learn as Jesus taught us

A welcome message from the Chair of Governors

A welcome message from the Chair of Governors 


I am delighted to welcome parents who have chosen to send their children to St Mary’s the Mount Catholic School. At St Mary’s we pride ourselves on providing a caring environment in which our children can learn and grow.


We are also proud of our Catholic ethos, which informs everything that we do in our school community. The atmosphere of love of God and for each other is evident in all parts of the school, and throughout the school day.


We believe that this experience of a caring school community, where each child is loved and valued, is something which will remain with our children, and be treasured by them, throughout their lives.


A welcome message from the Head Teacher

It gives me great pleasure to welcome you and your child to the community of St Mary’s the Mount Catholic Primary School in Walsall.  I feel extremely privileged to be Head Teacher and I am very proud to share with you the wonderful opportunities that the children have.


Our school is a family orientated school, where children are enthusiastic and motivated to achieve endless possibilities with Christ at the centre of all we do.  We have a very good reputation for having friendly and hardworking children.  As a school, we acknowledge that we are part of a wider community involving home, parish and the school itself.  The diversity of our cultural backgrounds enriches the life of the school and we strive to foster stronger links in all these areas, so that all groups and individuals feel welcomed and valued.


As a Catholic school our fundamental mission is to promote the teachings of Christ through our Mission Statement and to actively encourage values and virtues within our school community in which every person is respected as individuals, made in the image of Christ.


All staff and Governors share in this sense of belonging to the family of God, and work together to instill this feeling of love in all pupils, parents, carers and families of the community of St Mary’s the Mount.


St Mary’s the Mount is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of all children, and expect all its staff and volunteers to share this commitment, so that school remains a safe and secure place in which all children can learn and enjoy.


St Mary’s the Mount is truly a wonderful school-perhaps I’m biased! Come and see!