New Policies in light of COVID-19

School is open. Contact can be made via telephone or e mail:

There is no face to face contact at the school office.

A useful website during this difficult time.

Children’s Guide to Coronavirus – Children’s Commissioner

The Children’s Commissioner has developed a children’s guide to Coronavirus which supports children and young people in understanding what it is, how they can protect themselves and their families, how to deal with worries and hints and resources to pass the time whilst in lockdown. The Children’s Commissioner says “All these changes might make you feel scared or worried. That’s OK. It’s totally normal to feel like this”. The Children’s Guide can be accessed via the link below:

Public Health England have also produced an easy read guide to looking after yourself during the pandemic. This can be accessed via the link below:

Mental Health

Don't forget to look after yourself during these uncertain times. Follow the link for some useful tips.

Remember there are service to support you at this time. MIND UK Tel: 03001233393. Email: Text: 86463

E Learning

Remember to monitor your child's use of technology during their time at home. Please ensure your child is thinking before they post anything and they continue to be kind to each other during these unsettling times.

Useful website for support