Curriculum Intent

Mission Statement: At St. Mary’s school, we aim to live, love and learn as Jesus taught us.


To ensure all children develop their knowledge and skills through a broad and balanced curriculum encouraging high standards of work and behaviour. The ethos of our school will support each child to develop their relationship with God based on our Catholic Virtues and Values.


Virtues and Values

Grateful & Generous
Attentive & Discerning
Compassionate & Loving
Faith-filled & Hopeful
Eloquent & Truthful
Learned & Wise
Curious & Active
Intentional & Prophetic

British Values

• Democracy
• The rule of law
• Individual liberty
• Mutual respect
• Tolerance of those of different faiths and beliefs

Successful learners
• Aim high
• Reach their individual potential
• Numerate and Literate
• Effective communicator

Healthy and Active
• Physically
• Emotionally
• Mentally

Safe and Nurtured
• Confident
• Resilient
• Independent
• Aware
• Risk takers

Responsible Citizens
• Develop good relationships
• Tolerant and respectful
• Awareness of the world

Class Termly Statements of INTENT